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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 116

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Chapter 116

  • Once again, Ari somehow tracks them down, and the flock members wake up to find that they're surrounded by hundreds of Erasers. This is bad.
  • Ari starts stroking Max's cheek and mocking her, so Fang tries to jump in to defend her—he always has her back—but unfortunately, the Erasers grab him, Max, and Iggy while Angel quickly flies up.
  • Max screams at Nudge and the Gasman to take off, and they rise to hover above the scene with Angel.
  • Ari starts to beat Fang up while Max screams. Fang throws sand in Ari's face, but it doesn't stop him, and Max has the sickening feeling that Ari is going to kill Fang.
  • But then they hear a voice call out Ari's name. It's Jeb.

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