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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 117

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Chapter 117

  • Max is completely livid to see Jeb again. He walks through the crowd of Erasers and tells Ari that he has to follow orders. Ari lets go of Fang.
  • Jeb comes up to Max and asks her if she gets why they've done this, but she just spits on Jeb's shoe and tells him that she doesn't get it and she never will.
  • He tells her that she's the best, the strongest, and the smartest fourteen-year-old—she's been engineered this way. He also tells her not to make any stupid mistakes.
  • Max doesn't listen to him. Instead, she tells him that he's not her dad anymore, and then turns to leave with her flock.
  • As she passes Ari, she tells him that Daddy always loved her best, which makes him furious. But when he moves to attack her, another Eraser stops him.

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