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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

  • Max is speechless as she surveys the scene before her. They open the door to the glass wall and walk into the other lab to get closer to all the mutant kids who are sleeping in crates and cages.
  • They can tell right away that a lot of these genetic experiments aren't viable—some even have vital organs on the outsides of their bodies. How awful.
  • Fang is looking at a large cat, and when it opens its eyes, Max sees that it has human eyes and humanlike fingers.
  • Angel is looking inside another cage with a doglike occupant. And then they see Nudge standing by another birdlike kid.
  • Fang tells Max that they can't save them all, but Max says that they're going to try. She whispers to the other kids that they should start opening the cages, and tells the creatures inside to run.
  • Max releases a large child with wings from one cage, and when she asks why they're doing this, Max tells her that kids don't belong in cages and that they're leaving pronto.

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