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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 132

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Chapter 132

  • Max finally makes it up to the street with Jeb's words ringing in her head; she wonders if it's true, or if he's just trying to mess with her even more.
  • Fang tells her that the bird girl they saved took all of the other mutants and left. Maybe they're going to form their own little flock.
  • As they walk, though, Max realizes that not all of the mutants left them—Angel is still holding the dog from the lab.
  • Max tries to tell her that they can't keep a dog with them (it's not really conducive to their lifestyle), but Angel begs until she relents.
  • When Angel lets out an excited yell because Total (the dog) can stay, he leaps up… and jumps almost sixteen feet. Whoa.

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