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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • The Gasman—so named because of his gassiness (yuck)—greets Max in the kitchen. He asks her what's for breakfast and offers to pour juice for everyone; even though he's only eight, he's good about his responsibilities.
  • Iggy comes in and slouches down, sleepy. And then Fang appears—he's always sneaking around silently. Creepy.
  • Max leaves Iggy to make the eggs and goes to wake up Nudge and Angel, the two girls who share the last room.
  • She thinks about how Angel is like her baby; she's only six and is Max's little girl. As she's pondering this, Angel wakes up and says that she loves Max best, too.
  • That's the special thing about Angel: She can read minds. What a useful party trick.

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