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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • In the meantime, Angel is being forced to run through some kind of awful maze while she's timed—every freaking time she slows down, she gets an electronic shock.
  • They've been at this all day now, and Angel is starting to cry because she doesn't think she can take it anymore. Can't say we blame the kid…
  • As she reads the scientists' minds, though, she can see a rough plan of the maze. They're thinking about it, so Angel goes ahead and memorizes the layout; she can avoid all the traps this way.
  • Angel runs through the maze in record time and then collapses, listening to the scientists talk about how amazing she is, and whether or not they should dissect her to study her brain. Freaky…
  • An older man in a lab coat approaches Angel, and she starts: It's Jeb—he's very much alive, and he's working at the School.

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