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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Chapter 94

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Chapter 94

  • The Eraser throws Max over his shoulder and laughs because he's pleased that he caught her.
  • One second the Eraser is running at top speed, but the next he collapses, taking Max down with him.
  • She scrabbles backward to find that the Eraser is dead. She has no idea why or how it happened.
  • For now, they're not being chased by any more Erasers, so the flock members start walking away from the scene as quickly as possible.
  • As they go, Fang mentions that the Eraser was five years old, which is right about when Erasers start to die since they have a shorter life span.
  • Max suddenly sees a sign that says, "Every journey begins with one step." It's obviously some kind of mysterious message for her.
  • She takes one step and looks down to seeā€¦ an ATM card with her name on it. The voice in her head tells her that she can use it as long as she figures out the password.
  • Just like that, it looks like the flock might not run out of money so quickly after all.

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