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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Part 2, Chapter 12

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Part 2, Chapter 12

Hotel California, Sort of

  • Max, Fang, and Nudge take off to find the school, which is located near Death Valley. How delightful.
  • They're flying at about 90 mph, which is amazing, but Max still doesn't think it's fast enough because she wants to get to Angel as quickly as possible. After two hours, she feels kind of shaky, since flying is a serious workout.
  • As they fly, Nudge brings up something unrelated: When they were going through Jeb's files, she found her real name (Monique) on a page along with the name of a town called Tipisco, Arizona.
  • Nudge thinks this might be a way to find their parents, or "real" family members, but Max tells her that it's not worth investigating.

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