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Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment Truth

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Because the main characters in Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment are super top-secret science experiments, they don't know a lot about their own origins. When Max and her friends realize that there might be more info about them stored in New York City, they go on a quest to learn more. They really want to know about their biological parents, how they were created, and the prognosis for their future (since many hybrids have shorter lifespans). As for Max, she needs answers because a voice inside her head has been telling her that she's going to save the world. Is this the truth, or just some brainwashing the School implanted inside of her? Only time will tell.

Questions About Truth

  1. Do you think the voice in Max's head is telling her the whole truth? Give evidence from the book to support your answer.
  2. What do you think of Jeb's explanation for betraying the flock? Do you buy it? Why or why not?
  3. How would learning the truth about their parents change things for the various flock members? Be specific.

Chew on This

The voice inside Max's head has so far told her the truth and led her to the Institute, but she's not sure if it's to be trusted. A key part of her quest for truth is finding out how much of her own person she is—and how much she's at the whim of the scientists.

Even though learning the truth about their parents is hard for some of the flock members—especially those whose biological mothers have died—knowing they have biological parents is an important piece of personal truth for each of them, and they are glad to have the information.

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