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The Mayor of Casterbridge Chapter 23

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Chapter 23

  • Farfrae is bowled over by Lucetta's beauty.
  • The narrator tells us that, in fact, Elizabeth-Jane is more beautiful, but Lucetta knows how to show it off better – she's flashier.
  • Lucetta is also kind of a flirt.
  • Farfrae says he's there to see Elizabeth-Jane, and Lucetta assures him she'll be back soon.
  • She and Farfrae have a long chat, even touching on some personal subjects, although they've just met.
  • They're clearly very interested in each other.
  • He leaves before Elizabeth-Jane gets back.
  • A few minutes later, Henchard arrives.
  • Lucetta tells the servant to send him away and to tell him she has a headache.
  • She came to Casterbridge to try to get Henchard to marry her, but now that he's ready and willing, she's no longer so sure she wants to.
  • Elizabeth-Jane gets home, and Lucetta is very warm and affectionate with her.
  • She says she wants Elizabeth-Jane to stay there for a long time.
  • She figures that Elizabeth-Jane will be like a guard dog to keep Henchard away.

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