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The Mayor of Casterbridge Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • The next day, Farfrae comes to visit.
  • He hardly notices Elizabeth-Jane at all – he only has eyes for Lucetta.
  • This hurts Elizabeth-Jane's feelings, but what can she do about it? At least she likes Lucetta.
  • She figures Farfrae must be the second man in the story Lucetta told her about "her friend."
  • The following day, Henchard comes to see Lucetta.
  • He says he's ready and willing to marry her, but Lucetta says it's too soon after Susan's death.
  • He adds that it's a little awkward for him to marry her now that she's so wealthy – everyone will think he's after her bank account.
  • Just then, Farfrae rides by the window on horseback.
  • Lucetta's face lights up, and Henchard notices, but he doesn't see Farfrae. He just thinks Lucetta is playing hard to get, and he doesn't know why.
  • Once he leaves, Lucetta tells herself that she is in no way obliged to marry Henchard.
  • Elizabeth-Jane sees that both Henchard and Farfrae are falling more in love with Lucetta every day. She feels like a total third wheel whenever one of the men is there visiting.

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