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The Mayor of Casterbridge Chapter 32

By Thomas Hardy

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Chapter 32

  • Henchard is standing on an old bridge at the edge of town.
  • He's totally depressed.
  • It's not a happy bridge. Other people have killed themselves by jumping off of it before. Henchard isn't that kind of guy, though.
  • Joshua Jopp comes up behind him with some more bad news: Farfrae has bought Henchard's old house, including all the furniture, and has moved into it with Lucetta.
  • Jopp leaves.
  • Then Farfrae walks up.
  • He asks Henchard if it's true that he's planning to leave the country.
  • Henchard says yes.
  • Farfrae offers to let him stay in his old house for a while.
  • Henchard thinks that would be really weird, and says thanks, but no thanks.
  • Farfrae then offers Henchard any of his old furniture that he has a sentimental attachment to.
  • Henchard is touched by the offer.
  • Meanwhile, Elizabeth-Jane is supporting herself by making lace and netting and other fancy things to sell.
  • She also devotes some time to studying every day.
  • Unfortunately, her new apartment is just across from Henchard's old house, so she sees Lucetta and Farfrae going in and out all the time.
  • She hears that Henchard is sick and goes to see him.
  • He doesn't want to see her, but he gets better quickly.
  • He begins to feel sorry about leaving Elizabeth-Jane in Casterbridge by herself and decides to find work there if he can.
  • He gets hired by Farfrae.
  • There are only twelve more days until he can start drinking again. His oath when he sold Susan was to go without it for twenty years.
  • A couple weeks later, Elizabeth-Jane hears the news that Henchard had started drinking again, and she hurries out to find him.

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