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The Mayor of Casterbridge Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

  • Lucetta had a great time at the royal procession.
  • She got to wear a gorgeous new dress and bonnet and sit in front of everyone in town like she was a queen herself.
  • The only hitch was the incident with Henchard, but she thinks Farfrae handled that like a pro.
  • Henchard goes back to the warehouses after the incident to wait for Farfrae.
  • He climbs up into one of the hay lofts.
  • When Farfrae comes back, Henchard calls him to come up.
  • Farfrae doesn't suspect anything and comes up.
  • Henchard says that now that they're face to face, man to man, he wants to fight Farfrae. Basically, the winner is whoever managers to push the other guy out of the hayloft.
  • The fall is over thirty feet and would likely be fatal.
  • Henchard is bigger and stronger than Farfrae, but he doesn't want to take advantage, so he's tied one hand behind his back.
  • Before Farfrae has a chance to object, Henchard attacks, and Farfrae has to defend himself.
  • Even with one arm tied, Henchard is still stronger.
  • He quickly has Farfrae dangling half out the window.
  • But he can't go through with it – he pulls Farfrae back inside.
  • Farfrae says nothing, just climbs back out of the hayloft and leaves.
  • Henchard stays in the hayloft for a while, thinking.

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