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Irina Spasky in The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues)

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Irina Spasky

Russian to Conclusions

In case you didn't get it by her name, her former KGB affiliation, and how she "preferred a steel-gray winter in St. Petersburg" (7.5) to a sunny day, Irina Spasky is Russian—with a capital R. She is so stereotypically Cold War Russian, we're surprised she's not chugging a bottle of vodka and building nuclear missiles for Brezhnev. Or at least hot on the trail of that dastardly moose and squirrel.

Even though she's great at sneaking around, forms alliances that benefit her (and are bad news for Amy and Dan), and is armed with some pretty awesome-sounding poison fingernails, it's hard to take Irina Spasky seriously because she's just so cartoonish. Does she serve as a true danger to Amy and Dan or is she just a one-dimensional villain?

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