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Jonah Wizard in The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues)

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Jonah Wizard

Ghetto Superstar. That is What You're Not.

Amy and Dan's cousin Jonah, with the help of his nameless father, is an international superstar thanks to his rap career and his dad's genius marketing ideas. He may be a global rap star, but Jonah Wizard is about as gangsta as Justin Bieber.

He doesn't have too much of an impact on the plot. Despite repeated attempts to ally with Amy and Dan, he's always shot down by Amy. He only succeeds at making himself look like a complete jerk when he tells Nellie to "shut up" (11.36) after she says she loves his album. And despite being the face of a multi-million dollar brand, his dad has a few crazy ideas like "souvenir chamber pots" (11.51).

To us, Jonah seems to be representative of the type of child star ruled by his or her parents and made out to be something that he's not (see: Miley Cyrus). And we all know where they eventually end up.

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