Chapter 11

  • Amy, Dan, and Nellie arrive in France at the same time as their relative Jonah Wizard.
  • He talks them into joining him and his dad in their limo on the ride into Paris.
  • They have to sit through Jonah droning on and on about all his merchandising: CDs, clothes, pop-up books. Next up: "souvenir chamber pots" (11.51). Eesh.
  • Declining Jonah's offer of an alliance, they have the driver drop them off when they see Irina Spasky in the streets of Paris with the Almanack
  • They leave Nellie in front of the Maison des Gardons (if you don't speak French, you'll find out what this means in a few chapters, and it's not pleasant) and dash off in hot pursuit of Irina.

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