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The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Chapter 12

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 12

  • As he chases Irina Spasky, Dan keeps getting distracted by food: ravioli, ice cream, chocolate, and bread. City of Love? More like City of Yummy Treats.
  • Even though they think Irina might be leading them into a trap, they follow her all the way to the Institute for International Diplomacy, which is decorated with the Lucian Crest. They're on the right track.
  • Inside, they follow Irina Spasky through the twisty hallways. Dan gets distracted again. Not by food this time, but by weapons. He snags a strange silver orb and a Franklin battery because they're just too neat to pass up. 
  • They find a command room where Irina Spasky had been examining the Almanack. After Irina leaves, Amy and Dan drop in and find a map leading them to 23 Rue de Jardins.
  • There's also a photo in the room, a photo showing that the man in black (not Josh Brolin) is in Paris.
  • A guard catches them, sets off an alarm, and a wild chase ensues.
  • Dan manages to slide like a baseball player under a sliding gate and Indy Hat Rolls Amy through at the last minute. 
  • Then he busts a window with a bust of Napoleon, and they escape.
  • Amy wants to head back to Nellie, but Dan insists they need to get to 23 Rue de Jardins before Irina.

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