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The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Chapter 14

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 14

  • We're back on track with Amy and Dan as they stop at a bakery for a quick bite to eat. 
  • After their snack, they trek to 23 Rue de Jardins. There's no building there: just a graveyard.
  • Dan finds a surprise on one of the tombstones: his and Amy's names.
  • That's right, the 39 Clues is like The Sixth Sense. Amy and Dan have been dead this whole time! Dun. Dun. Dunnnnn.
  • Okay, not really. It turns out this is one giant trap. The ground gives out below them, sending the kids to an early grave, metaphorically speaking of course.
  • It wasn't Irina that led them into a trap, as Dan thought, it was the Holts.
  • But, being boneheads, the Holts give away a clue while they're taunting Amy and Dan: "BF: Maze of Bones, coordinates in the box" (14.69).
  • A cement truck rolls up and is about to fill in the hole, with Amy and Dan still in it, when Amy lies and tells the Holts that she can figure out the book.
  • Once they help them out of the hole, the Holts beat up the thugs that showed up with the cement truck. 
  • Trying to help, Dan throws the silver sphere into the fracas. It turns out to be a concussive grenade, which knocks everyone out. Except the two thugs Dan was targeting in the first place. 
  • Amy and Dan run, scale a fence, and end up in a dead end. 
  • The thugs start to climb the fence, too, but Amy gets the Franklin battery from Dan and turns the fence electric. It's like when you rub your feet on the carpet and touch a metal doorknob. Times a hundred.
  • As they escape, Amy notices that the man in black is watching them from afar.

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