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The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Chapter 15

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 15

  • When Amy and Dan get back to the hotel, Nellie is so not happy with them, because she's been stuck at the roach motel (gardon = cockroach). But then they tell her that they were almost killed, and Nellie steps up to their defense, "Nobody messes with my babysitees" (15.18). Oh yeah, it's on like Jean Valjean. 
  • Amy realizes that they have to explore the Catacombs, the intricate series of tunnels under Paris. 
  • Right before they get there, they run into Uncle Alistair, who was last seen stealing the Almanack and leaving the kids in a burning building. He's a real peach, that one.
  • Nellie whacks him in the head with her backpack. 
  • Amy believes Alistair's excuses. Dan doesn't. Alistair offers to buy them lunch, so they join him.
  • At lunch, Alistair shows the kids a print of a painting of Ben Franklin. In it, a clue is hidden: "Paris, 1785" (18.96).
  • Amy acts like this is a big deal, even though they already knew this information.
  • After lunch, Alistair offers to tell them information about their parents. It seems there are secrets surrounding them and their deaths.
  • But before he can spill the beans, the Kabra siblings show up. To get Amy and Dan to trust him, Alistair offers to stay behind and delay them. 
  • Amy, Dan, and Nellie descend into the Catacombs.

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