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The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Chapter 18

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 18

  • Amy threatens to smash the vial if Jonah comes any closer, so he backs off.
  • With Dan and Nellie in tow, they escape the Catacombs... only to run into Uncle Alistair and Irina Spasky.
  • Before Irina can lunge at them with her poison-tipped fingernails, the Holts arrive and start throwing crates of ice cream at them. 
  • Dan and Amy escape into the nearby church and climb to the top of it, where a lightning rod stands. 
  • To Amy, the vial holds an inert substance that needs to be charged. Hanging on to a lightning rod should do that in no time.
  • Lightning strikes, and the vial starts glowing green.
  • When Amy climbs back down, she finds that Ian and Natalie Kabra have tied up Dan and poisoned him.
  • Ian tells Amy he'll give her the antidote in exchange for that glowing vial she has.
  • Amy agrees to the trade. Ian and Natalie take the vial and fly away on a giant kite. It turns out it was all a bluff: Dan wasn't poisoned after all.

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