Study Guide

The Maze of Bones (The 39 Clues) Chapter 19

By Rick Riordan

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Chapter 19

  • The good news is that the vial wasn't the big clue; the paper it was wrapped in is the clue.
  • It's a piece of sheet music for an armonica, an instrument invented by Franklin. 
  • Amy also realizes that in the first clue they got, the word RESOLUTION is an anagram for IRON SOLUTE. She thinks it's "an ingredient, or a component, or something like that" (19.36). We're still stumped. Maybe it was that vial they lost to the Kabras?
  • While they're pondering this information, Mr. McIntyre shows up. He returns Saladin the cat and offers to sell Grace's jade dragon necklace, which Amy is wearing.
  • Amy declines that offer, and Mr. McIntyre leaves. She remembers his advice from earlier: "Trust no one […] And that includes him!" (19.72-19.73).
  • Back to the clue, Amy shows them three initials at the bottom of the paper: W.A.M.
  • No, not Wham! They're not going to meet George Michael, sadly. They're going to Vienna, Austria, home of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

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