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M.C. Higgins, the Great Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • It's the afternoon and it's really hot.
  • M.C. and Lurhetta are sitting inside on the couch and M.C.'s yammering on about how to hunt.
  • Lurhetta's not really into the whole thing, though; she's not a hunter.
  • All she's interested in are the icemen.
  • M.C. mentions he has a trapped rabbit near the Killburns' Mound, so M.C. decides to take her to his trapped rabbit, near the Mound.
  • He tells her all about his secret friendship with Ben, which she thinks is completely weird.
  • Once they get to the trapped rabbit, Lurhetta notices the bridge made out of vines that connects the mountain to the Killburns' Mound. She's clearly curious about it.
  • The rabbit tries to run away, but M.C. won't let it.
  • Lurhetta wants him to let it go, but, instead, he uses her knife to kill the rabbit.
  • Lurhetta is kind of upset about how the rabbit is dead and how her knife is all bloody; Ben appears out of nowhere and just watches them.
  • Then M.C. throws the knife to Ben, who takes it and cleans it.
  • After that, they decide to go back to the Mound. Or actually, Lurhetta decides she wants to go see where Ben lives.
  • M.C. goes along even though he really doesn't want to—after all, he's not supposed to go near the Killburns. Ever.
  • Once they get to the Mound, things seem all of a sudden totally magical.
  • Maybe it's all the veggies growing everywhere—the place is basically a huge veggie farm.
  • They see a snake form into a hoop and roll away from a row of beans.
  • Ben tells them that his father's friends with the snakes. Well, except for the green grass snakes, who are kind of in detention with his father. (The Killburns are supposed to be witchy, after all.)
  • What follows is basically a tour of the Killburn compound, from M.C.'s perspective.
  • Rows of houses, with vegetables growing in every free space around the houses, men and women in overalls working in the fields, and kids climbing all over the place because there's a huge net that hangs above and between the houses.
  • Lurhetta and Ben climb up, while M.C. lags behind.

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