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M.C. Higgins, the Great Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • It's super-early in the morning—as in sun-not-up-yet early—and Banina's trying to get M.C. to go swimming with her in the lake. (Banina's definitely not one to sleep in.)
  • This is their usual routine; in fact, none of the other kids—or Jones, for that matter—has to go through what M.C. goes through with Banina in the morning.
  • No wonder M.C.'s more than a little grumbly.
  • But he can't say no; otherwise Banina will go out to the lake by herself and something bad might happen there.
  • At least, that's what Banina tells him. (Yep—she's a guilt-tripper, too.)
  • The two get up and walk toward the lake.
  • Once he's out and can see the lake, M.C.'s all good about being woken up early.
  • That's because the mountain, the hills, the lake—it's all amazing and beautiful. Nature, you know? It does that to you.
  • Banina and M.C. chat a little about James, but not much; M.C. gets the feeling that's a closed subject now.
  • And then they spot the girl.
  • Banina's a little surprised that M.C. knows the tent they see in the distance houses a girl, but M.C. explains how the two of them tussled with each other the other day.
  • Banina gets that it's a touchy subject, so she lets M.C. have his space on the issue.
  • They go into the lake and swim a little before the other kids and Jones come hollering along.
  • The girl's in the tent sleeping, but M.C. guesses that she's awake now, what with all the racket.
  • Banina tells him to ask the girl to breakfast (Jones has brought breakfast) before she goes to join the rest of the family.
  • M.C. waits until he's alone with the girl (who's still in the tent) before he tells her not to be scared.
  • Finally, she steps out, and M.C. is totally stunned.
  • He can feel something like a vision coming on, only it's a vision he never would have expected to see.
  • (The girl is clearly a hottie.)
  • M.C. whistles and introduces himself as "M.C. Higgins, the Great."

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