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M.C. Higgins, the Great Chapter 8

By Virginia Hamilton

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Chapter 8

  • Finally boy and girl meet. And this time, no knives are drawn. Yay.
  • M.C. introduces himself to the girl and shows that he's not going to hurt her; then they start talking—or actually, he asks about her life and she answers.
  • It turns out that the girl goes on these solo adventures regularly in the summer.
  • During the school year, she goes to school and works at a job that pays for her car and her camping gear.
  • (Her mother, by the way, doesn't love the girl's independence, but she lets her do it as long as the girl checks in with her regularly. Cool mom, eh?)
  • The girl is still a little defensive with M.C.; after all, he did kind of spring up on her in the woods.
  • But she gets used to M.C., especially after his siblings arrive on the scene.
  • She lets him know what she thinks about land ownership (it's the basis of power, just so you know) and what she loves (nature with a big "N").
  • M.C.'s clearly crushing on the girl.
  • They go down to the lake and M.C. shows her the water tunnel… and yes, that means there's a tunnel underwater. Cool.
  • It's not easy to go through, though, and the only one who can is M.C., which he's not afraid to let the girl know that.
  • The girl wants to swim through, too, especially if it means she can do what M.C. does.
  • So M.C. decides to jump into the lake and into the tunnel with her in tow.

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