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M.C. Higgins, the Great Chapter 9

By Virginia Hamilton

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Chapter 9

  • The trip through the water tunnel is definitely not easy.
  • The girl is like deadweight that M.C. has to drag through, and they barely make it through.
  • Why is it all so hard?
  • Because the girl doesn't know how to swim.
  • Yep. She decided not to let M.C. in on that little secret.
  • It takes the two of them the rest of the morning to recover from that "swim" through the tunnel.
  • While they recover, they chat about a bunch of topics, like James Lewis (he's nice and paid for her meals) and M.C.'s ignorance of the outside world (he's never been out of the area).
  • Finally, because she's clearly not doing well (she doesn't have much to eat), M.C. gets her to climb back to his house with him and the kids.
  • They run into Jones as he's heading back home with groceries.
  • M.C.'s tense about telling his dad about the girl; Jones isn't so friendly to strangers who mooch off of him for food.
  • But Jones lets M.C. carry on because he knows M.C.'s got a major crush on the girl.
  • They make it back to his house, and Jones goes in to make his famous potato soup.

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