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Me Before You Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • Camilla, Steven, and Georgina Traynor look surprised when Lou tells them about her plan. Mrs. Traynor seems oddly hesitant, but Lou says that she'll quit if they refuse.
  • Meanwhile, Treena has come up with a list of activities for Lou to do with Will. She shows it to her big sis as they wait for Patrick to pass them while he runs a marathon. Lou is strangely unenthused.
  • Patrick doesn't even notice Lou and Treena when he passes. What a swell boyfriend. A real keeper.
  • Treena is going to be heading off to college soon with Thomas, so Lou requests that she take Treena's room, which is much bigger than her own. The sisters beef hardcore over this.
  • On Saturday, Lou goes to the library, where she learns how to use a computer for the first time. Really. She uses her newfound technological prowess to begin her own list of activities.
  • She only has "a hundred and seventeen days" left (10.109).

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