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Me Before You Chapter 17

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Chapter 17

  • Will is distant when Lou reveals her plan. Surprise.
  • That afternoon, a man arrives wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. He introduces himself as Michael Lawler and asks to speak with Will.
  • Lou is crazy curious, but she isn't able to eavesdrop on the meeting. She manages to find out the location of Mr. Lawler's office and does some research at the library after she gets off work.
  • What Lou finds shocks her—Mr. Lawler is a lawyer and "specialist in wills" (17.48). Oh, no…
  • Lou has a super awkward time moving into Patrick's flat. He heads out running almost immediately after she brings her stuff inside.
  • Later, Lou tells Mrs. Traynor about Mr. Lawler's visit. Lou isn't surprised by her horror at this revelation, but she is surprised by how upset she gets when she tells her that she moved into Patrick's home.
  • While walking the grounds one day, Will suggests that they explore the maze. Lou doesn't want to (remember the flashback earlier?), but Will persuades her to do it.
  • Lou starts off well, but she eventually gets hit by a panic attack. She gets caught up in the memory of that day.
  • We now see a bit more of that scene. After Lou's friends vanished, she was surrounded by drunk, disorderly men. They demanded that she kiss them.
  • There's nothing explicit, but it's implied that Lou was raped.
  • Back in the present, Will comforts Lou and leads her out of the maze. He tells her about the pain, panic, and fear he feels given his condition, which makes her feel safe enough to share her story with him.
  • Will tells Lou that "it wasn't [her] fault" but that she doesn't need him to tell her that (17.245). But here's the thing—she does. No one has said that to her before.

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