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Me Before You Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • Lou talks about how she's always lived in the shadow of her sister Katrina (a.k.a. Treena) because Treena has always been the smarty pants in the family.
  • Clad in one of her mom's vintage suits, Lou heads off for her job interview. It's at the Granta House, a fancy mansion located on the other side of Stortford Castle.
  • Lou's met by a middle-aged woman named Camilla Traynor. Camilla starts by asking her about her experience with quadriplegics, of which Lou has none.
  • Lou tries to make some jokes, but they fall as flat as pancakes.
  • Camilla explains that her son, Will, "was injured in a road accident almost two years ago" (2.77). They have plenty of medical professionals helping out, but they also want a caregiver to watch over him nine hours a day.
  • So, Camilla asks, does Lou want the job?
  • Lou is shocked, but she accepts. Her first day is tomorrow.

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