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Me Before You Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


  • Katrina is Treena, by the way. And she's the one donning the narrative cap this time around.
  • Treena reports that Lou stayed in her room "for a whole thirty-six hours" after returning home from her trip (25.1). Not a good sign.
  • Treena finally enters Lou's cave of despair and gets the story.
  • Treena reveals that Lou got a letter from the college while she was away, which she went ahead and opened. Lou has an interview tomorrow.
  • Lou doesn't want to go, but Treena convinces her. That's a good sister.
  • That night, Lou reveals that she passed the interview. She still seems hesitant to go to school, however, especially now that she doesn't have any income coming in.
  • Lou also decides to tell her parents everything about the Will situation. Her dad is sad but sympathetic, while her mom is horrified and angry.
  • Mr. Clark notes that the Traynor family hasn't been home for the last couple days. Oh, no. With a shock, Lou realizes that tomorrow is the big day.
  • The next day, Lou wonders whether she should have gone with Will. As she does so, the doorbell rings. It's a reporter from the Globe, and she wants to know about Will's plan.
  • Someone must have spilled the beans. But who?
  • The phone rings off the hook all day with calls from reporters. One call, however, is from a very different source—Camilla Traynor.
  • Will is still alive, and Mrs. Traynor has booked Lou a flight out to Switzerland that night.

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