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Me Before You Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

  • Lou's mom is beyond furious when she finds out that Lou is heading to Switzerland. She tells her that she "needn't come back" if she decides to go through with it (26.25).
  • Lou arrives in Zurich just before midnight and heads straight for the hotel set up by Mrs. Traynor. She can hardly sleep and chats with Ritchie to calm herself as much as possible.
  • Dignitas is a lot different from what she expected. Instead of being some strange medical building, it's an awfully ordinary looking house.
  • Lou sees the Traynor family entering. They look understandably shaken up.
  • Lou and Will share a tender moment. He seems really happy that she's there.
  • Lou tells Will that it's been "the best six months of [her] entire life" (26.100). He says the same.
  • Lou and Will cuddle and kiss, and Lou feels more torn than ever. She doesn't know how long this moment lasts, but she suddenly feels Will loosen up and ask her to send his parents in.

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