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Me Before You Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

  • Camilla Traynor is giving Lou a tour of the grounds. She tells her that it's of the utmost importance that she not leave Will alone for an extended period of time, as he got "injured" last time that happened (3.8).
  • Camilla leads Lou up to the room. First, Lou meets Nathan, a large New Zealander who provides for Will's medical needs. Then she meets Will himself.
  • Will looks scraggly, with long unkempt hair and a beard, and he groans as soon as he sees Lou. Multiple times. It's awkward.
  • Nathan explains Will's medications to Lou, though she won't have to deal with them too often. Still, there's a lot of stuff to remember.
  • Nathan and Camilla exit, leaving Lou alone with her new ward. She tries to make small talk, but he mocks her until she decides to leave the room and tidy up instead.
  • While vacuuming, Lou peeks into Will's bedroom and looks around. She sees a bunch of pictures of him engaging in all sorts of extreme sports before the accident.
  • Lou's investigation is interrupted by Will. Whoops. Things are getting more awkward by the second.
  • Nathan comes back at lunchtime, and Lou hops outside for a quick break, calling Treena and telling her that she wants to quit. Not going to happen, girl.
  • After an afternoon filled with awkward interactions, Lou returns home. She continues to complain to Treena, but little sis has something important to say.
  • Treena's going back to college.
  • Lou is shocked. Though she's happy for her sister (kind of), this means that there's more pressure than ever on her to support the family.

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