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Me Before You Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • Two weeks pass, and things are just as awkward as ever. Although Lou feels sympathy for Will's plight, she hates how "vile" he is toward her (4.10).
  • One day, Mrs. Traynor has a surprising announcement—Will has friends over. That's a first. They're a dude named Rupert (an ex-coworker of Will) and a gal named Alicia.
  • Lou slowly realizes that she's seen Alicia before—in Will's photographs. She must be his ex. Oy vey.
  • After some tense small talk, Alicia and Rupert reveal the reason for their visit. They're getting married. Yikes.
  • Lou is making tea after they leave when she hears a crash from Will's room. Oh, no. She rushes upstairs and finds that Will has knocked his photos off the dresser, destroying them.
  • That evening, Lou goes to the Kings Head pub with Patrick and his gym friends. She loves eating greasy food just to see them "pretend they [don't] want" some (4.105).
  • Lou tries to talk to Patrick about what happened with Will, but he's not paying attention. Instead he just wants to talk about the upcoming Xtreme Viking marathon he plans on racing.
  • The next day, Lou cleans up and organizes the scattered photographs. Will sees this and freaks out, telling her that he doesn't want to see them anymore.
  • By now, however, Lou is fed up with his 'tude and straight-up calls him an "arse" (4.155). Strangely, Will doesn't react with anger. That's a first for him.

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