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Me Before You Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • We're now four weeks in, and Lou is sneaking some vegetables in with Will's mashed potatoes. He notices this and laughs, which is a rare thing 'round these parts.
  • Yet it's been happening more often lately. Nathan tells Lou that it's a good sign.
  • Lou even starts watching films with Will. She's down for the action flicks, but much less enthusiastic when he suggests watching a subtitled foreign film.
  • Despite her preconceptions, however, Lou ends up loving it. Shocker.
  • Will then asks Lou about her life, which is even more shocking. Lou can tell his disappointment when she reveals the rather boring extent of her experiences.
  • That Friday, there is an appointment at the hospital. Lou is super nervous to drive Will there, noticing how he "appeared to shrink a little" as soon as he leaves the house (5.136).
  • While Will is in the doctor's office, Lou asks Nathan if he's recovering well. Nathan explains that there's pretty much no chance that he'll ever get better, which is a real bummer.
  • Lou pops into the doctor's office while Will is being checked and sees him with his shirt off. She quickly leaves.
  • Lou wasn't scared by his naked body, however. She was scared by the "livid red lines scoring Will's wrists" (5.171).

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