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Me Before You Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • It's snowing when Lou arrives at the Granta House. Mr. Traynor greets her at the door. He says that Will isn't feeling well but Nathan has the morning off.
  • Will looks pretty rough. He's burning up. Lou readjusts him to a more comfortable position before giving him his daily dose of painkillers.
  • Lou checks up on Will at noon, and he's unresponsive. Oh, no…
  • Luckily, Will stirs a few moments later, though he still looks legit terrible. Even better, Nathan appears a few moments later.
  • Nathan flips his lid. He explains that Will "can't regulate his own temperature," which means that she should have been cooling him off and giving him antibiotics all morning (6.65). Whoops.
  • Will starts seeming better after an hour or so. Nathan takes the opportunity to give Lou a full lesson on how to take care of Will should he not be present.
  • Because of the snowstorm, Mrs. Traynor asks Lou to spend the night at the house. She agrees.
  • Later, Nathan calls to check up. Lou asks if she should call Mr. Traynor and tell him what's up, but Nathan alludes to the old man partaking in extracurricular activities when his wife is out.
  • Around eight, Will finally stirs. There's "no sharpness to him now, no edge" (6.109). She asks him about the accident and he tells her that he was hit by a motorcycle.
  • Will then asks Lou to tell him "something good" (6.140).
  • Apparently, Lou's idea of "something good" is to sing a song created by her dad called the "Molahonkey Song." It's as silly as it sounds.
  • Lou also tells Will about her unique fashion style. It started when she was young and her mom bought her a pair of tights with bright yellow and black stripes—just like a bumblebee.
  • Lou is dreaming that she's in a classroom when she's awoken by Mrs. Traynor's voice. Mrs. Traynor asks her why she's in Will's bed.
  • Awkward.

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