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Me Before You Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • It's now spring.
  • Lou talks about how she and Patrick had met while she was working as a trainee hair stylist. Patrick was a lot different back then: a normal bloke with a normal beer belly.
  • At some point, however, Patrick became "obsessed by his own shape" at the expense of their relationship (7.7). Lou tried to be supportive, but the distance between them grew.
  • At the Granta House, Mrs. Traynor orders Lou and Will outside while cleaners take care of the house. They chill in the garden.
  • Will asks Lou about her six-year relationship with Patrick. She responds by asking him about his relationship with Alicia.
  • Things are different between Will and Lou now. There's still tension occasionally, especially when Will is in pain (as he often is), but they have an understanding.
  • One day, Will asks Lou where else she's lived, and she reveals that she's never left her small town. Will is shocked—he thinks that she should live a little.
  • In response, Lou decides to speak her mind back at him—dude needs a haircut and a shave. She's shocked when he agrees.
  • Lou gets to work on Will's hair and beard, which feels "curiously intimate" (7.128). Quite curious, eh?
  • As Lou goes off to get a mirror to show Will her handiwork, she hears the shouting of a young woman. What is it now?
  • The woman is shouting about how "selfish" Will is (7.149). Will introduces her to Lou as Georgina, his sister, who currently lives in Australia.
  • Lou leaves the house to let them do their thing, returning a half-hour later to find Will in a daze. What a warm family reunion.
  • Later, as Lou is washing laundry, she eavesdrops on a conversation between Georgina and Mrs. Traynor.
  • Mrs. Traynor confirms that Will tried to kill himself in January. She also reveals that he made her promise to take him someplace called "Dignitas" after an agreed-upon six-month period, which Georgina responds to with anger and horror.

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