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Me Before You Chapter 8

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Chapter 8


  • This chapter is told from Camilla Traynor's perspective. She starts by saying that she "never set out to help kill [her] son" (8.1). Heavy.
  • Camilla is a magistrate, which in England is a non-official who takes part in deciding legal proceedings. She never expected something like Will's accident to happen to her family.
  • Camilla's also an avid gardener, which is something she got away from after Will's accident. She's slowly got back into the habit, though.
  • We're now in the present, with Camilla sitting with her husband Steven as they wait for Georgina to come upstairs. It's clear that she knows something about her husband's tomfoolery, by the way.
  • Camilla describes her shock when Will first told her his plan. If you haven't realized it yet, they're talking about assisted suicide.
  • Camilla didn't agree until Will attempted suicide himself. He had found an exposed nail in the wall of their house and wheeled his chair against it repeatedly. It's pretty horrifying.
  • That's when he forced Camilla to agree: after six months, she'll help him end his life.

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