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Me Before You Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Lou is so shaken by the revelation that Will has been contemplating assisted suicide that she can't sleep that night. She's both horrified and angry at being deceived by Camilla and Will about the true nature of her work.
  • After work the next day, Lou writes a letter to Mrs. Traynor and leaves it on the kitchen table.
  • When she returns home, she finds a crowd assembled on her street. Apparently their neighbor had cheated on his wife, and she's in the process of booting him to the curb.
  • After a bit of this, Lou notices Mrs. Traynor pull up in her Mercedes—not a usual sight around these parts. Lou walks over and gets inside the car so they can talk.
  • Apparently, Lou's letter had been about her resignation, though she hadn't revealed the reason. Now she does, saying that she can't stand idly by while everyone waits to take Will to the assisted suicide center.
  • Mrs. Traynor says that yes, Lou was only hired to prevent Will from committing suicide before the six months were up, but now she thinks that Lou can give Will hope to live.
  • Lou doesn't say anything either way. She leaves the car.
  • Later that night, Lou reveals the truth to Treena, who is quite shocked. Still, Treena has an idea—with four months left, Lou should take Will on a bunch of trips to convince him that life is worth living.

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