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Me Before You Prologue

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  • A dude emerges from his bathroom and obverses his ladyfriend sprawled out across the bed. Saucy. He reminisces about the good times they had the previous night. Saucier.
  • Lady's looking at brochures and talking about their upcoming vacation. She tells the dude that she doesn't want to do any adventurous stuff this time, which seems to be the dude's M.O.
  • We learn the dude's name: Will Traynor. He's heading off for work but promises to take his lady out to a fancy restaurant when he gets back.
  • Bad news: it's pouring outside. Typical London weather. Will chooses to forgo his motorcycle today (good call) and instead runs to the street to hail a cab.
  • Will spots a cab across the street as he chats with a colleague named Rupert on the phone. He slowly makes his way across the bustling road, careful to avoid passing cars.
  • Just as he approaches the cab, however, Will realizes that something is approaching him from the side. And it's moving fast. He has no chance to avoid it.
  • Will sees a flash of a motorcyclist before his consciousness gets consumed by an "explosion" and everything goes black (p.43).
  • That can't be good.

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