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Me Before You Disappointment

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After being paralyzed in a freak motorcycle accident in Me Before You, Will Traynor contends with a flurry of emotions, but none are as powerful as his feeling of disappointment. He's disappointed that he's no longer able to travel and live life like he once did; he's disappointed that his future is looking bleaker and bleaker; and he's disappointed that he's lost his sense of independence. Although he eventually strikes up a strong bond with Lou Clark, a goofy girl with an even goofier sense of humor, it remains to be seen whether Will can overcome these feelings and gain a renewed perspective on what life has to offer him.

Questions About Disappointment

  1. What is the root of Will's feelings of disappointment? Is there one root or multiple?
  2. How does Camilla Traynor express her disappointment with Will's current state?
  3. Is Lou disappointed about events in her past? Does she overcome these feelings? If so, how?
  4. What impact does Lou have on Will's feelings of disappointment?

Chew on This

The root of Will's disappointment is that his current life is less exciting than his former one.

Camilla expresses her disappointment in Will's current state by micromanaging every aspect of his life.

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