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Me Before You Family

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Me Before You is centered on two very different families. First, you've got the Clarks, a wild bunch of working-class warriors who are upfront about their many issues with one another. And then you've got the Traynors, a gaggle of upper-class snoots who repress their feelings like their lives depend on it. As Lou Clark grows close with Will Traynor, a young business executive who was recently paralyzed from the neck down, she realizes that she's been letting her own family control her too much, no matter how much she might love them. The result is sometimes contentious and sometimes heartwarming, but it's also an extremely accurate account of what it's like to have a fam, man.

Questions About Family

  1. How are Will's and Lou's families' differences reflected in their personality traits?
  2. Is Lou a good sister to Treena? Is Treena a good sister to Lou? Explain your answer.
  3. Compare and contrast Lou and Treena's relationship with Will and Georgina's.
  4. Can the differences between Lou's and Will's families be attributed to their respective classes? Why or why not?

Chew on This

Lou and Treena are good sisters to one another because even though they fight, they ultimately help the other when they need it.

Both Lou and Treena's relationship and Will and Georgina's relationship are defined by resentment caused by the perceived favoring of one child.

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