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Me Before You Love

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Lou Clark and Will Traynor in Me Before You have the most complicated romantic relationship this side of Romeo and Juliet. After being hired to work as a professional caregiver for Will, a young business professional paralyzed two years prior, Lou finds herself growing increasingly dissatisfied with her boyfriend Patrick and increasingly drawn to this wheelchair-bound hunk. Hubba hubba. Of course, things are far from simple, especially after Lou learns that Will is planning to go to an assisted suicide facility and end his own life. So will she be able to change his mind? Will she be able to turn this tragedy into a romantic comedy? Click on to find out.

Questions About Love

  1. Compare and contrast Lou's relationships with Patrick and Will.
  2. Does Will love Lou as much as she loves him? Explain your answer.
  3. Is Will right to question Lou's level of commitment to him in the long term? Why or why not?
  4. What changes in Patrick negatively affect his relationship with Lou?

Chew on This

Will does love Lou as much as she loves him, and the pain this causes him is what ultimately compels him to go through with his assisted suicide.

Will does not love Lou as much as she loves him, as proven by his decision to go through with his plan for assisted suicide.

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