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Jules Khatchadorian in Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

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Jules Khatchadorian

100% fact: Jules Khatchadorian is a great mom. She loves her kids a ton and she does her best to support and help them. She even smells like apples and cinnamon.

It's telling that Rafe doesn't trust anyone (who actually exists) except his mom. She's also the only person who actually makes him feel bad about breaking the rules. He doesn't care what teachers or bullies or even his crush says. He's fine with breaking every single rule in the book…until it makes his mom cry:

And then she started crying all over again. On her birthday. Because of me. I've never felt like a bigger piece of scum than I did right then. Just one big slice of loser meat on toast. So much for being a good person.

So, Rafe give up his whole rules-breaking quest for his mom. And, in return, Jules makes an effort to understand Rafe for who he is. She's the only one who doesn't freak out about him talking to Leo. Sure she's concerned (he's twelve years old and talking to an imaginary version of her dead son, so it's a little concerning), but she's not forbidding it and she's doesn't think he's weird or crazy:

"I've been thinking about this. We all talk to people who aren't there, all the time, with texting, and computers, and even answering machines. Artists talk to their muses for inspiration. Some people even talk to themselves […] So why wouldn't you talk to Leo if you want to?" (32.11, 13)

That's a pretty great mom, right there. And, yes: it's true that Jules hasn't always made the wisest choices (cough, letting Bear move in, cough), but she's willing to own up to her mistakes and make things right with her kids. That's what we'd call someone who's a serious contender for the title of World's Greatest Mom.

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