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Mr. Dwight in Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life

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Mr. Dwight

Mr. Dwight is the principal of Hills Village Middle School, but Rafe likes to think of him as the Lizard King:

The Lizard King reaches over and flattens a hand (or is it a foot?) against my face. Either way, it's like Velcro and superglue combined. He picks me up by my head and slams me into the wall. I can barely breathe anymore, and the smell of his breath is so bad at close range, I barely want to. (29.8)

But in reality, Mr. Dwight is just an ordinary dude…and actually a pretty OK principal. Sure, he gives Rafe a couple of detentions—but that's because he was running around the halls with only his underwear on. What do you expect?

He's also willing to work with Mrs. Donatello and Rafe's mom to help them get this kid into Airbrook Arts Community School for seventh grade.

All in all, he's a pretty nice guy…even if Rafe could swear the jellybeans on his desk move sometimes.

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