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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Chapters 31 - 35

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Chapters 31 - 35

Chapter 31

Dinner for Three at Swifty's Diner

  • November 2nd is Mom's birthday, so that means it's a good day.
  • Rafe and Georgia go to the diner Mom works at and have dinner there. Bear can't make it because he's Bear (and he's the worst), but it's better actually because it's just the three of them.
  • Rafe's feeling good because he's looking around at Mom's paintings on the wall.
  • She's an artist in her spare time and the diner has her paintings on the wall and sells them every once in a while. He's also thinking about the delicious dinner he's going to get—steak. Yum.
  • Then, Georgia lets this bombshell drop—Rafe was naked at school.
  • It's not technically true—Rafe was wearing underwear and sneakers, after all—but Mom just can't take it.
  • She goes in the back to cry and Rafe follows her.

Chapter 32


  • Naturally, Rafe feels awful as he watches Mom cry in the back room of the diner.
  • But Mom tells him it's okay.
  • She also mentions that it's okay if he wants to talk to Leo. She says we all talk to people who aren't there sometimes. People text or talk on computers. Or artists talk to muses. Maybe Leo is the same thing?
  • But it worries her that Rafe is getting in so much trouble at school.
  • And then she starts crying all over again.
  • And Rafe feels awful again because it's Mom's birthday and she's crying because of him. Maybe he's a just a jerk after all?

Chapter 33

How Hard Could It Be?

  • Rafe decides to put the whole Operation R.A.F.E. thing on hold for a while. If this is bumming Mom out so much maybe it's just not worth it.
  • Leo isn't too thrilled. He thinks Rafe is gonna regret this. Besides, what's he supposed to do while Rafe is off being normal?
  • Rafe doesn't know, but he's not quitting the game for good. It's just a break. And just like that Leo the Silent is gone…for now.

Chapter 34


  • Rafe finds out that being normal isn't so bad.
  • He shows up to classes on time and is helpful to his teachers. Mrs. Donatello compliments his work and thanks him for his help in class.
  • Even Jeanne Galletta smiles at him.
  • Too bad it only lasts a day.

Chapter 35

Miller Strikes Again

  • So the normal thing is working out pretty well for Rafe…when Miller the Killer decides to walk into his life yet again.
  • Rafe's minding his own business at his locker when Miller tells him to step outside to fight. Rafe declines. He's got nothing to prove to this kid.
  • But then something else catches Miller's eye—the Operation R.A.F.E notebook.
  • Miller starts flipping through the pages and then he gets an idea. An awful idea.
  • Miller tears off the front cover and then hands it back to Rafe. He tells him that the front cover is free. The other pages will cost him $1.
  • So, Rafe hands him $1. And Miller tears off one more page and gives it to him.
  • It's $1 per page.
  • Rafe doesn't have that kind of money.
  • That's okay, Miller can wait…unless the price goes up…which it might.

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