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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Chapters 51 - 55

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Chapters 51 - 55

Chapter 51

Two to Tutor

  • Wednesday is Rafe's first tutoring session with Jeanne. Oh joy.
  • Rafe's already tried to get a different tutor (no dice). Now he's trying to stall, but Jeanne doesn't play around. She asks Rafe if he's trying to blow her off.
  • Yikes.
  • Jeanne starts explaining fractions and Rafe offers her $5 just to skip the whole lesson.
  • Look, Jeanne tells him, I didn't think you were my project or anything. I was just trying to be nice inviting you to that bake sale. She really cuts to the chase.
  • Ugh. The only thing more awkward than not talking about the tension between them is talking about it. Rafe quickly changes the subject back to fractions.
  • Maybe they can just talk about fractions for the rest of their lives?

Chapter 52


  • So what's the current score for Rafe's game? 910,000 points! Pretty impressive!
  • But can Rafe break every single rule in the book? We shall see.

Chapter 53

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  • So, on Tuesdays and Thursdays Rafe has tutoring with Mrs. Donatello. Most of the time they work on regular class work because Rafe definitely needs the help (what with all those D's and F's).
  • But this one Tuesday, she just gives him a sketchbook and sits there and draws stuff with him.
  • After the hour is over, Rafe almost tells her about Leo. He wants to tell her that the drawings really come from him, but then he worries that will sound weird.
  • Mrs. Donatello tells Rafe to keep the sketchbook and put it to good use. Hmm…

Chapter 54

Special Assignment

  • Rafe is getting close to the end of the rule-book and close to the end of the school year.
  • He's got a big plan for today. Now he's just got to get out of Spanish class…along with the 100 black and white photocopies he's got stuffed down his underwear.

Chapter 55

Is It Still Bullying if You're Bullying the Bully?

  • Rafe manages to spread around a whole bunch of flyers that say "It's Miller the Killer Chicken" with a picture of Miller looking like—what else?—a chicken.
  • Miller seems to suspect it's him, but Rafe throws him off the scent by telling Miller he's got $15 to buy back pages.
  • See, Miller might want to kill Rafe, but he also wants the money, so he offers to meet Rafe in the bathroom in five minutes.
  • Rafe just hopes he's got the pages…and not a knuckle sandwich for him.

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