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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Chapters 56 - 60

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Chapters 56 - 60

Chapter 56

Ten Pages and a Lie

  • Rafe heads to the bathroom to pick up his pages, which is probably not his smartest move.
  • Once he hands over the money, Miller grabs him. Does Rafe think he's stupid? He's been looking at that kid's drawings for the last few months. He knows Rafe did this.
  • Hmm. In retrospect, this whole drawing a flyer plan was kind of dumb, wasn't it?
  • But then Rafe has a pretty good comeback. He tells Miller that he's been trying to get pages back from him all year. Why would he muck it up now with some goofy flyer?
  • Miller seems to accept this. It makes sense actually.
  • He hands over ten pages and tells Rafe that if he finds out who did the drawing, he'll hand over another ten pages for free. Phew…

Chapter 57

Into the Homestretch

  • It's the end of third quarter and Rafe is getting ready to start planning his end of the year project. After he breaks all the rules, he's got to do something big to celebrate.
  • The good news is that Miller only has nine more pages of his notebook. He'll sell them back for $20. Rafe has $27.
  • Rafe starts practicing writing ginormous quotes on his wall. He's got to move fast when it's time to do the real thing.
  • This is gonna be huge. Wait—what's going to be huge?

Chapter 58

Rafe Khatchadorian Is a Big Fat Idiot

  • Rafe's report card comes and it's pretty bad. More D's and F's.
  • He shows it to Jeanne, but tells her not to take it personally. Hey, maybe Rafe's just dumb. It doesn't mean she's a bad tutor. Just one more quarter and sixth grade will be over, right?
  • Um, Rafe, Jeanne tells him, you are aware, that with grades like these you may have to take extra classes in the summer or…. even worse…repeat sixth grade?

Chapter 59

  • This chapter has no words. It's just a picture of Rafe's brain exploding.

Chapter 60

Stalling for Time

  • This is bad.
  • Rafe gets up and walks out of the math room because there is no way he's going to cry in front of Jeanne.
  • But she follows him. Right into the boys' bathroom.
  • It's not all bad, she tells him. There's still time to bring up his grades. Yeah, right.
  • Just then, Mrs. Stricker walks in and finds Rafe and Jeanne in the boys' bathroom.
  • And she's not really happy about that.

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