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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Chapters 61 - 65

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Chapters 61 - 65

Chapter 61

Jeanne Galletta Is in Trouble for the First Time in the History of the Universe

  • Rafe is pretty amazed because now Jeanne is in trouble for going into the boys' bathroom. Jeanne's never in trouble. Ever.
  • She tries to explain why she was there, but Mrs. Stricker explains that rules are rules and her hands are tied. Jeanne will have to serve an after-school detention.
  • Rafe, on the other hand, won't be getting detention, because it's not against the rules for a boy to be in the boys' bathroom. See, kids? Some rules are stupid.
  • Rafe tries to apologize to Jeanne as they leave the office, but Jeanne is resigned to her fate. It is what it is. What can Rafe do?
  • He can run into the girls' bathroom. Which is exactly what he does.

Chapter 62

Game Over

  • Okay, so yes, Rafe gets detention for going into the girls' bathroom, but that doesn't change the fact that Jeanne got detention too.
  • That means Rafe broke his No-Hurt Rule and lost his last life. Game over. He's officially dead now.
  • Oh, and he's flunking out of middle school.
  • Rafe Khatchadorian is done. There's nothing else to tell. End of story.

Chapter 63

Something Else

  • All right, but he's not totally done. There's some more pages to this book yet. Except Rafe's going to let Leo tell this part.
  • This section is all in pictures, so we're basically just going to explain them to you (hey, Leo's silent, so he can only draw what he's thinking).
  • Rafe's pretty bummed because of all the bad stuff that's been going down, but Leo tells him it's fine—he's still gotta do his big end of the year project.
  • But what about the rules he's broken? And the fact that he lost all his lives? Oh, and the fact Leo doesn't actually exist and Rafe is probably crazy?
  • Nope, Leo says, none of that matters. Just do the big project. It's gonna be awesome.
  • Well, that's good enough for Rafe. Project back on.

Chapter 64

Thou Shalt (Not) Vandalize

  • The next morning, Rafe leaves a note for Mom saying he's gotta get to school a little early to work on a project.
  • It's not lying. Not technically. He gets to school at 4 am to work on his big end of the year project.
  • There's a big blank wall back by the gym, which looks a whole lot like a blank canvas. Rafe had been practicing this on graph paper in his room. Now it's time to make it real.
  • Leo encourages him the whole time as Rafe works with his marker on the wall.
  • It takes a few hours, but by the time he's done, Rafe has a pretty great looking masterpiece. (You can see a sketch of it for yourself in the book.) In fact, he's so into creating this masterpiece that he doesn't hear the police car pull up.
  • He just hears the cop say, "Holy smoke, kid, did you really do all this?"
  • Uh-oh.

Chapter 65

Two Minutes Later…

  • This chapter isn't so much a chapter as a picture of Rafe and Leo in the back of the police car. Busted.

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