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Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life Chapters 66 - 70

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Chapters 66 - 70

Chapter 66

Time Out (Again)

  • But wait a hot second: this story started with Rafe, Leo, and Georgia in the police car. So where's Georgia?
  • Oh, there's more to come, Rafe assures us. Just you wait.
  • This whole mural thing is just the start of the best and worst day of Rafe's life. Keep on reading.

Chapter 67

House Arrest

  • But let's stop for a quick pop quiz: what do you think Bear did when the police brought Rafe home?
  • If you guessed freaked out and chased Rafe around the house until Rafe locked himself in his room and Mom calmed him down then—ding, ding, ding—you win!
  • Rafe is in major trouble over this. Mom has to go to school to talk with Mr. Dwight and figure out what to do.
  • First up—Rafe's gonna have to paint over that mural. Maybe even get kicked out of school.
  • Rafe actually feels pretty bad about this. Georgia tries to come talk to him, but Rafe just wants to be alone with his thoughts.
  • Then something happens…something very, very bad.

Chapter 68

The Very Worst Part

  • Rafe hears the doorbell ring from inside his room. He can hear Mom go to the door and answer it.
  • Bear's annoyed and wants to know what's going on.
  • Mom isn't sure what's on the porch, but Rafe can hear papers rustling.
  • Bear has had it. He calls Rafe a hoodlum and says that if Jules won't take care of Rafe that he will. This is the last straw with this kid.
  • Rafe hears the front door slam, but he can still hear the two of them arguing outside, except Bear is much, much louder. Then Mom screams.
  • Rafe runs out of his room right into Georgia. She's in a panic.
  • Mom's in trouble.

Chapter 69

The Famous Police Car Incident

  • Outside, Rafe and Georgia see that Mom's been pushed down by Bear. Rafe tells Georgia to call 911.
  • Bear's trying to apologize, but Mom tells him to get away.
  • Rafe finally sees what they were arguing over. It's a big envelope with photocopies from all the pages from his Operation R.A.F.E. notebook lying all over the stairs.
  • When the police come, they arrest Bear and ask everyone a bunch of questions. They insist on taking Mom to the hospital for x-rays, but the kids have to ride separately.
  • And that's how Georgia, Rafe, and Leo wound up in the back of that police car together. Voilà.

Chapter 70


  • Mom's fine. She gets an Ace bandage on her wrist and everyone takes a taxi home.
  • Back at the house, Mom lets Rafe and Georgia know that Bear won't be living with them anymore. That also means she won't have to work double shifts at the diner anymore. (Really, Mom, you were working double shifts for that guy?)
  • Mom knows Rafe still has a lot to deal with, but she's going to be there for him. Rafe's made some bad choices, but Mom has, too.
  • …like getting engaged to Bear.
  • Rafe tells her he's sorry for all the trouble he's caused. He thinks that she probably wishes she had a normal son sometimes.
  • Nah, Mom says, normal is boring.
  • Hey, that's the same thing Leo is always saying, Rafe tells her. How weird.

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