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Middlemarch Book 3, Chapter 26

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Book 3, Chapter 26

  • Fred doesn't get to visit Mary again the next day because he develops a nasty fever overnight.
  • His mother calls their usual surgeon, Mr. Wrench, who prescribes the wrong thing and then doesn't come back to check in on him.
  • So Rosamond recommends that they call Mr. Lydgate (he's a fever expert), who immediately sees that it's typhoid fever (not good).
  • Lydgate doesn't want to step on any toes or annoy Mr. Wrench, so he tries to be nice about the fact that Wrench totally screwed up.
  • Everyone in Middlemarch finds out about the matter, but they all hear different versions of the story.
  • Some gossip is even getting spread that Lydgate is the illegitimate son of Mr. Bulstrode.

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