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Middlemarch Book 3, Chapter 27

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Book 3, Chapter 27

  • Because of Fred's illness, Lydgate spends a lot of time at the Vincys' house, and necessarily spends most of that time with Rosamond.
  • Mrs. Vincy is a mess – Fred was always her favorite child.
  • But under Lydgate's care, Fred mends quickly.
  • He continues to check on him twice a day, though, and spends evenings listening to Rosamond sing and play the piano.
  • They flirt a lot, but Lydgate thinks he's safe from falling in love.
  • Rosamond, meanwhile, is secretly planning her future with Lydgate.
  • Not, mind, because she thinks he's rich. She knows he's not – but then, she doesn't really think about money at all.
  • She knows money is necessary, but doesn't think about where it comes from. She just assumes someone will always provide it.
  • One evening, Ned Plymdale, the son of a local businessman, is visiting the Vincys. He's already proposed to Rosamond once, and was rejected. He's persistent, though.
  • He brought a magazine to look through with Rosamond. It's called the Keepsake, and it's pretty cheesy. (Think Hallmark cards and Lifetime movies).
  • When Lydgate arrives, he plops down on the couch next to Rosamond (much to Plymdale's annoyance), and picks up the magazine.
  • He glances through it, and makes fun of it for being so cheesy.
  • Plymdale is displeased, and tries to defend it, but Rosamond doesn't exactly help.
  • At the end of the chapter, Lydgate is called by a servant of Sir James Chettam's to attend a patient at Lowick manor. (Lowick, we know, is the Casaubons' house.)

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